TRYING NEW SKINCARE PRODUCTS FROM POND'S! (Perfect Potion Essence + Serum Burst Cream)

Hello again and welcome to another skincare-related video, but in today’s video, I’ll be trying out the new Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence and Pond’s Serum Burst Cream! An honest review will follow after using the products overnight!

Finally, I can achieve my Dewy Skin Goals in just 2 steps with the new Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence and Serum Burst Dewy Duo. With niacinimide to reduce dullness and gluta-boost essence to brighten skin, I can say goodbye to my expensive 10 – step skin care routine and love my new hydrated skin. Pond’s Perfect Potion Essence blends the power of 3 Korean beauty skincare steps in just one bottle: essence, toner, and a mask. Pond’s Serum Burst Cream starts as a light cream and transforms into a burst of 1000 potent serum droplets that help brighten skin and reduces dullness. These products can be use both in the morning and night for that glowy dewy skin and extra hydration.

Even better, this Dewy Duo is available on sale on Shopee from Nov 7-11 for only P399! Who knew I can get my full skin care routine for less than 500 pesos!?!

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