Snailed It! A Look At Korean Skin Care! Snail Product Reviews!

I recently ordered a few Korean Skin Care Products off of Amazon–
Have a look at my idea list:

I’m really liking the products and I wrote a blog post too if you would like to read (and subscribe):

How do the products I’m talking about measure up? They are absolutely fine. Look–nothing is going to produce miracles and all I look for is a product that doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause my skin to react in a negative way and I want hydration for the day. these products deliver and they deliver for an inexpensive price.
If you are interested, take a looksee at the idea list I posted the link to on my Amazon page. I just today received the Snail foam cleanser so I’ll be reviewing that soon! Thank you for watching. Enjoy your day–enjoy this video and if you like what you see, please subscribe. Namaste!


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