MINI PRODUCT REVIEWS | Clean beauty product empties (makeup and skincare) summer 2020

I sat down and gave you my honest opinion on ALL of the clean beauty products I’ve used up in 2020 (and some not so clean), and I put it all in the form of mini product reviews! This video is meant to give you a quick rundown on these products, from the perspective of someone who has had plenty of time to become familiar with them.

Note: All of the products in the mini reviews will be repurposed, gifted, or recycled to the best of my ability! I’ve been doing my research on proper disposal for makeup and skincare. I’m new to it, but I am dedicated to learning the process.

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Burts Bees Nourishing Mascara

Hynt Duet Perfecting Concealer

Majestic Pure Cosmeceuticals Face Mask

Burts Bees Sensitive Face Wash

Burts Bees Sensitive Night Cream
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