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Hello everyone!
If you’ve seen my first unboxing video about this product then you should watch this video reviews. Honestly, I didn’t think my first video would get as many likes and views. I even have people requesting for an update.
Link to the Medicube unboxing video:

So here is the update review on this products. I didn’t get to finish what I was saying in the video because my battery died. However, I will write out my thoughts of what I think about the products.

Zero pore pads – Love this product! It will probably burn a bit in the first few try. Once you get used to it it you won’t feel the burn anymore. The more I use this product, the more I’ve noticed my pores started to minimize. Now my pores are closed and rarely see those black heads/white heads gunks. Oh and it also acts as a toner so you can skip the triple collagen if you feel it’s too heavy during the day time.

Triple Collagen Toner – This product is awesome! I’ve noticed my face looking glassy right away once applied. I like to skip the cotton pad and just apply it onto my hands and dab it onto my face. This helps the product absorb directly into the skin and not on the pad. I also use this on my neck as well. You can use this product for day and night for a faster result. However, on the day I know I have to run errands with makeup on I try to skip it and just go with the serum instead.

Triple Collagen Serum – This serum is so rich. A little goes a long way! You don’t need to apply too much because it’s very glossy and shinny. It will take a while to absorb into your skin. If you don’t mind the glossy look in the day time you can wear this, but if that bothers you I recommend only wearing it at night when you go to bed.

Triple Collagen Erase Cream – This product is thick, just like any other cream moisturizer. However, the after results are amazing! You have to consistently use this product often, day and night if you want to get rid of dark spots fast. I’m just so amazed by this beauty line.

Honestly, I have tried so many beauty products skincare line on the market but nothing come close to this.
Would I purchase this product again? Yes I would!
Is it worth the price? Yes! Considering with this price if you were to compare it with a high end name brand products you’ll only get 1 item and it may or may not even do the job correctly.
I also love the packaging/bottles it goes well with the rest of my rosegold / pink tone beauty products. Makes a beautiful display.

Sometimes applying all the steps can feel overwhelming due to it’s density, or maybe it’s just me.
I wish the Medicube pore pads bottle would match with the rest of the gold rose tone bottles.
I wish they have a rosegold tone cleanser that came with this collection as well.

I tried to give my honest reviews in details as much as I can.
Hope this helps.
I am not sponsored.

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