Lush Cosmetics: Naked Skincare Deep Dive


Need a new skincare routine, but want to go packaging-free? Our naked skincare is the perfect product range for you. From cleansers to facial oils, you can be sure to find the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Erica talks us through some of our favorite naked skincare products. With #innovations and new takes on how we do #skincare, your #skin will thank us later.

00:09 – What is “Naked”?
00:48 – New Products
01:12 – Naked Cleansing Balms
02:24 – Naked Facial Oils
03:05 – 7 to 3 Cleansing Pad
04:59 – Jade Roller Naked Cleansing Balm
05:25 – Sleepy Face Naked Cleansing Balm
05:47 – Gritty Politti Naked Cleansing Balm
06:32 – Tea Totaler Naked Cleansing Balm
07:11 – Like A Virgin Naked Cold Cream
07:45 – Light Touch Naked Facial Oil
08:05 – Argan Naked Facial Oil
08:31 – Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil
09:01 – Amazon Primer Naked Facial Oil
09:26 – Full Of Grace Serum
10:12 – Why use cleansing balms?
10:51 – How do I make Naked products last?

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