L'Core Paris – L'Core Paris review of the collagen collection products

Jo bradford review of L’Core Paris products.
The collagen collection of L’Core Paris helped me to renew my skin health and looks.
I bought the products when i was in Las Vegas and since then i call them to thank them and to take also the eye cream and serum.
I was amazed with the results that i got !!!
Thank you L’core paris for a wonderful service and products !

The Exceptional Quality of L’Core Paris Cosmetic products

You might be tired of reading skin care products reviews with their specific ingredients and qualities, however, trust us on this one, when we tell you that L’Core Paris Cosmetics are something quite different than anything you have seen before. They have managed to differentiate themselves from the rest through the utilization of different gemstones and metals in their formulas and present themselves as a luxury skin care brand.

Before we go on with the topic, we want to make clear that the L’Core Paris Cosmetics are a luxury brand for a reason, their quality might be quite high, however so is their price, with some of their item’s price being as high as ten thousand dollars. Now that we got this out of the way lets continue

The Difference Which L’Core Paris Cosmetics Bring to The Table

As previously mentioned, some of their skin care products have different types of metals and gemstones in them. You might be wondering what is the difference though. Each gemstone and metal have a specific property from which a person can benefit. Exactly like the properties of the gemstones for each zodiac sign, the ones put in the skin care products of L’Core Paris could have healing effects, balance your energy levels, relieve you from stress and etc

We would understand that you might be feeling skeptical at first, however, the success of the brand shows that consumers put quite a lot of trust on the matter and do benefit from the results.

Most Used Ingredients by The Brand

There are a few product lines which the company offers, however, each of them revolves around a specific special ingredient. A good example would be the skin care lines which use particles from diamond, gold, emeralds and other gemstones in order to improve the skin radiance of their customers and help boost the blood flow. Let us review some of the products:

• Acne Control Mask

This is quite an expensive acne cream – 1750$ for 1.7 ounces. Its formula is based on sapphire particles which are meant to keep the skin pores clean which will lead to a reduction of the acne outbreaks

• 24k Vitamin C Serum

As you probably have guessed, this product uses 24k gold in order to improve the blood flow of the skin. In addition, the product contains vitamin C, whose natural effect makes the skin brighter and strengthens up the collagen.

• Lava Bio Mask

One of the more “averagely” priced L’Core Paris Cosmetics at 1250$ per 1.7 ounces. It contains ruby particles which reduce the aging skin signs and supposedly prevent them from appearing in the foreseeable future. It also helps skin which was damaged from ultraviolet rays.

This is definitely not a mainstream brand mostly because of its pricing range. However, the customers appear to be quite happy even though they spend thousands. The promised results are all there.


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