I tried GOOD VIBES Rosehip Skincare Products for 25 days & here's the REVIEW

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In this video I am going to review the good vibes rosehip skincare products. I will be reviewing the following products after trying them for 25 complete days.
Good Vibes Deep Cleansing Face Wash – Rosehip –
Good Vibes Skin Clarifying Toner – Rosehip –
Good Vibes Hydration Face Gel – Rosehip –
Good Vibes Radiant Glow Face Serum – Rose Hip –


Time Stamps⬇
1:16 – About Rosehip Oil
2:36 – Facewash
4:29 – Toner
6:28 – Face Gel
8:05 – Face Serum
10:10 – Before and After

Important –
Since we are having a discussion about fragrance, first of all the company(good vibes) has not disclosed the ingredients they used, to deliver the fragrance to our olfactory, it’s only mentioned as ‘perfume’ on the ingredient list and second, do give this video a watch, it’s by Kenna (she is a biochemist) –
Do give it a watch if you have time and wanna know more about ‘Fragrance in skincare’. According to me it’s not about ‘fragrance is harmful or not’ but if there is any chance that fragrance is harmful, it should be avoided especially by people who have sensitive skin. Do not risk your skin especially when you have a doubt or if you have had reaction in the past while using perfumed products. It’s not worth the risk.
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