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Hello Friends,
Watch our new session on ‘How to improve your Handwriting’ which will help you with your exams.

Through this video, we have given 9 handwriting tips that will help to create or improve handwriting thus making your handwriting neater and legible. These tips can be applied to both print handwriting and cursive handwriting.
These tips will greatly help to present your board exam papers in a very neat and clean way.

The main focus has been given on:
1) Your sitting posture
2) Way of holding your writing tool (pen or pencil)
3) Letter and word spacing
4) Slants used (Left / Right / Straight)
5) Connecting letters (For cursive writing)
6) Type of pen or pencil used
7) Letter tangles
8) Type of writing tools
9) Handwriting practice

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So practice daily and create a good handwriting!
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