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Hey guys! ❤
I hope you all doing good. So i have review ed some of the my fav products from good vibes. Some of them has really became my holy grail products now. They all are so mild and gentle and every product is cruelty free, paraben free and sulphate free, and alcohol free. And this brand is so affordable guys.
But it doesn’t mean that if its working for me, then it will work for you also.As everyone has different skintype and problem. Know your skin type, do a patch test eyerytime you get a new product.
I hope you find my reviews helpful guys!
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Link of my previous video, review on rosehip radiant glow face serum-

Product details:

1. Goodvibes Rose glow toner

2.Goodvibes Rosehip Radiant glow face serum-

3.Goodvibes ornage blossom makeup cleansing lotion-

4.Goodvibes Keratin strengthening Hair cream-

5.Goodvibes lemon lip scrub-

6.Goodvibes strawberry lipbalm-

7.Goodvibes lavender shower gel-

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