Dr Sheth's Skin care products reviews 😍😍 Specially for Indian Skin

Hi guys..
I tried skincare products from luxury skincare brand Dr Sheth’s their products are specially for Indian Skin.
Our climate is very harsh due to the UV rays and our skin is very different because we have melanin. All these things make our skin more prone to pigmentation externally. These products are gentle on skin and can be used by women or men.
The products I have used are:

Dr Sheth’s Brightening daily cleaner
Dr Sheth’s Gulab & Gluconic Toner
Dr Sheth’s Brightening extra gentle daily peel
Dr Sheth’s Clarifying Sulphur mask
Dr Sheth’s Multitasking Miracle cream

My skin is acne prone but these products didn’t do any harm to it. my skin feels fresh and soft everytime I use these products ❤️ @drsheths

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