BIOTOC 3X Unboxing

In this video, I am unboxing the BIOTOC 3X Starter Package from Dermafirm USA. BIOTOC 3X offers an innovative, safe, and healthy way to rejuvenate skin. Drawing from the success of our injection-free, anti-aging BIOTOC PRO line, this newly formulated BIOTOC 3X line is available for at-home use. The result is an age-defying skincare system that rivals the results of injectables.

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Here is what the BIOTOC 3X Starter Package includes:

Two BIOTOC 3X Cross-Link Ampoule: sets in a healthy glow and lifts through active ingredients such as astaxanthin, peptides, and collagen.

One BIOTOC Medi Nanopen-Pro: a professional-grade micro-channeling device that leverages nanotechnology to deliver active ingredients safely and effectively into the skin for enhanced absorption and faster skin turnover.

One Box of 5 pcs – BIOTOC Medi NANO Chip: a patented silicon structure that creates microchannels that increase the absorption rate by 436% and close after 20 minutes reducing the risk of infection and recovery time.

One BIOTOC Expert Lifting Cream: promotes skin recovery and rejuvenation through nourishing extracts and antioxidants.

These products are made in-house without harsh ingredients or artificial colors, so they’re safe and don’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Read more about it ingredients here:

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